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The transcript for Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar. -INCOMPLETE


(Tori is running into her room with her sisters.)

Meredith : That was hilarious!

Trevi: The awesomest thing ever!

Tori: Did you see her face?

Meredith: I hope we didn’t hurt her feelings, though.

Tori: Oh, she doesn’t get her feelings, MeridIth. The main thing is- (putting the pillow on Merdith's face) Wasn’t that great?!

Tori : Meridith! Trevi!

(Pillow fight starts)

Tori: Now, you both better scoot to your rooms. Auntie A will be stomping her way up Anger Avenue any minute!

Meredith: See you later!

Trevi: Bye, Tori!

(Meredith and Trevi leave)


(Keira is walking along with Nora)

Keira: Nora! Tell Phill to kill the snow in the Fiery Ice and Drum. And the drums came in late again- and on the wrong note! Tell Kevin that naptime’s after the show, okay? And what’s up with the sets for the live broadcast?

Nora: Here are the designs. Do you want the table royal purple or tokyo violet?

Keira: Royal purple. And, move my billboard appearance to Saturday, right before the broadcast.

Crider: Wonderful show tonight, Keira dear. Your best EVER! I got chills!

Keira: Hey, Crider? Have you wound up the cameras?

Crider: Uh, the record company is a just a tad concerened about the budget.

Keira: Budget? Crider, I have been working my tail off for the last two years to get this broadcast! It will take my career to the next level! Which makes it massively important that it would be perfect!

Crider: Absolutely perfect! You are so right!

Nora: There’s a tea tomorrow at the castle for the everyone involved in the charity fund. The princess has requested your presence. I smell a photo op!

Keira: The princess? At the castle?Let's do it! Daniel I need a new dance routine for the live broadcast. Make it something like this...

(Does dance routine)

Daniel: You got it!

Kiara: Is there something you wanted, or have you forgotton the way to your trailer?

Crider: Well, actually, yes. The record company called...again. And while they love, love, LOVED your new album photo, they wanted to know when they got hear some of the actual songs. Naturally, as your mangaer I said-

Kiara: As my manager you SAID that the songs aren’t ready to be heard yet. And I’LL let them know when they are.

Crider: That’s exactly what I said! You know, you work so hard! Perhaps you should take a break and let me run things for a while.

Kiara: Got to go, Semour!

(slams trailer door)

Crider: Please don’t call me that.


(Kiara sighs)

Kiara: I guess I’d actually better write those songs.

(Takes off her wig)

Kiara: I don’t get it, Riff! Writing songs used to be easy. Fun, even! But now, I have to deal with all this OTHER garbage. Lighting, sound, payroll, schedule, check, check, double check, make it work!

Riff: Woof!

Kiara: Don’t get me wrong, Riff. I’m a star. I’m living the dream, right? It’s just.... I don’t know, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to just... let go.

Riff: Huh?

(Riff lays down and starts to snore loudly)

(Kiara laughs)

Kiara: Princess Victoria. Now there’s a sweet gig. Gets to live in a castle, everything done for her. She’s probably never worked a day in her whole life.


(Aunt knocks on door)

Aunt: Tori! Tori! Open the door this instant!

(Tori opens door and smiles)

Tori: Auntie A! Do come in!

(Tori mimikes her Aunt’s voice without saying anything)

Aunt: Enough is enough! I promised your dear mother I would raise you to be proper princess! But now you and your gang of tiny thugs have turned a royal occasion into a laughing stock!

(She spins around to face Tori)

Tori: Oh? Has some misfourtune befallen you?

Aunt: Don’t play the innocent with me. This has your mark all over it. I was willing to forgive and forget the exploding pumpkin cakes at tea, the stunt at the Emphassiy ball. I even made exuses when you hid the Prime Minister’s teeth!

Tori: Just his uppers.

(points to her upper teath)

Aunt: Princess Victoria Bethany Envangelene Rene –you are almost eighteen! It’s time you started acting like a princess of the relm! Not some silly schoolgirl!

Tori: Forgive me, Aunt Amelia.

(picks up hairbrush)

Tori: I’m just having a bit of fun, that’s all.

(waves it over her aunt’s hair and it turns blue)

Aunt: FUN?! You’re a royal! Duty and responsibility come BEFORE fun! Have you even begun your coremination speech for next week?!

(Vanessa shakes her head in disgust)

Tori: Sort of. I’m up to the part after ‘Ladies and gentleman.’

(She turns her hair back to normal)

Aunt: As I thought! I’m returning to our guests. And since you refuse to take your duties seriously, you can just stay in your room and WRITE THAT SPEECH!

Tori: But Auntie!

Aunt: Not another word!

Tori: I am sorry. Goodnight, auntie.

(gives her a hug and she leaves the room, while Tori picks up her speech)

Tori: Ladies and gentleman, distingusted guests. Five hundred years ago, our kingdom began its rule and-

(scrunches paper into a ball and throws it on the floor)

Tori: Insert speech here.

Tori: You’re a royal. Duty and responsibility come before fun. Agh.

(Tori stares at the poster of Kiara, then sings ‘I wish I had her life’

(Kiara dances around her room as she sings)


(Crider is talking into his phone)

Crider: Trust me, sir. The new song are fabulous! She just, ah, needs a little more time. You know those stars! As a former star myself, I know that-


Crider: But, ah, sir-


(Crider presses a button on the phone and puts it in his pocket)

(He tries to get up from his chair but gets stuck)

Crider: RUPUS!

Rupus: Anything you wanted, Crider? Oh! You found my chewing gum! Still got a good few chews left!

(Rupus looks at the chair)

Crider: Get. It. Off!

Rupus: Oh, right. Quick as a bunny!

(plus out spatula and gets him unstuck, but the gum is still stuck on the chair)

Crider: Keep that little diva in line, he said. How am I supposed to keep her in line when she wants to do this big broadcast thing! Semour, do my nails! Semour, call the record company. Semour, stop stealing my jewellery! THINGS WERE DIFFERENT WHEN I WAS THE STAR! Back when people respected REAL talent!

(Rupus gets the gum unstuck and the chair pushes Crider over)

Rupus: Opps.

Crider: Ow!! Rupus, you know I was a real star?

Rupus: Well, yeah. Actually you told me this story before-

Crider: I was the beloved! Adorded by millions! The finest job in the universe! I was Chippy The Chipmunk! Until, that tragic day... They all went nuts and threw cream cakes at me! CREAM CAKES! And that was that! My singing career was over! To this day, I’ve hated chipmunks. Their toothy smiles, taunting me!

Rupus: A tragic tale, Mr Crider. I get a lump in my throat every time you tell it. Which is quite a lot.

Crider: It was so very unfair, Rupus. All I need it one lucky break! Or, a wife with a whole lot of money.


(Party guests in background)

Aunt: Oh, Mr Crider! How you DO go on!

Crider: But surely you MUST have been a ballerina! All of that grace!

Aunt: Oh! You are such a flatterer! And you say you were a singer on this Squeaky Squirrel show?

Crider: Chipmunk. Chirpy Chipmunk. But, I don’t let it bother me so much.

King: This drought has been so hard on the entire relm. Our resourvaes are our only definite source of water. And our vineyards are dried up.

Liam: Ah.

Announcer Guy: Princess Victoria, may I present Miss Kiara!

(Kiara curtsys and Tori grins)

Tori: This is so cool!

Kiara: So you’re a real live princess? Awesome.

Tori: But YOU’RE Kiara! I’m your very biggest fan! Ever!

Kiara: Thanks.

Tori: Would you like a tour?

Kiara: I’d love to, but aren’t you supposed to be hostessing this thing or something?

Tori: Oh. Right. Aha! Look, everyone! An all-you-can-eat caviar buffet!

Party guests: OOOOHHHHHH!!!

(They rush over in one direction)

Liam: Hi! I’m Prince Liam-

(The two girls rush off and Liam looks sad)


Tori: This way. We’ll start with my room.


Tori: Ta-da!

Kiara: Wow. There’s more me in here than in my house!

Tori: Your guitar, your albums, most pieces from your fashion lines.

(Kiara picks up a hat)

Kiara: I wore this in my first music video!

Tori: It’s still my very favourite.

(They sing Here I Am Tori And Kiara)

Kiara: Not too shabby for a princess. Hey –you should join me on stage for a number! The camera would go nuts!

Tori: Thanks, but I am no performer. But -you must love it.

Kiara: Sure. All I ever wanted. But lately, it used to be more.. about the music. Now... Agh, it’s just that everything’s different, that’s all.

Tori: Kiara, you’re a star!

Kiara: And you’re a princess! When I was little, I always dreamed of being a princess. Get to wear a ball gown, a tiara and-

Tori: Want to try mine?

(Tori hands over her tiara)

Riff: Arr, ar, ar! Woof!

Kiara: Riff! Use your INSIDE bark!

Riff: Woof.

Kiara: That’s my baby. I bring him everywhere. Riff –sit.

Riff: Woof.

Tori: Aw, he’s so cute! Hey, Vanessa! Kiara brought a friend for you to play with!

Riff: Arf, arf, arf!!

Vanessa: Oh!

Tori: Hehe. I’ll tell you all about being a princess.

Riff: Hey! I’m Riff! Who are you?!

Vanessa: I’m Vanessa Victoria Fluffypie. Are you always like this?

Riff: Like what? Loving squeaky toys, squishy tennis balls, chewy bacon flavoured bones?

Vanessa: Oh!

(Tori and Kiara look at Kiara wearing Tori’s tiara in the mirror)

Kiara: Oh, yeah! And I’ve got just the outfit to go with it! Formal gown number nine!

(swirls her microphone in the air)

Tori: Ah! So THAT’S how you make those quick changes! A magic microphone! I have something like that.

(Picks up hairbrush)

Tori: Kiara pop hair number five!

(Swirls hairbrush in the air)

Kiara: A magic hairbrush! VERY cool!

Tori: A new hairstyle for every royal occasion! And a few non royal ones.

(They both look in the mirror)

Both: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Vanessa: OH!

Riff: WHOA!

Kiara and Tori: You look just like me!

(Aunt enters the room)

Aunt: There you are, Tori! The guests are all asking about you!

Kiara: Oh! No, no, no!

Tori: Princess Victoria of Meribella! Your highness!

(Winks at Kiara)

(Aunt pulls Kiara along)

Vanessa: This can’t be good.

Riff: Are you kidding? It’s delicious!


Aunt: Now mingle! You-hoo! Oh, Mr Crider!

Tori: Are you ready, ‘princess?’

Kiara: Oh man. It’s just like I dreamed!

Tori: Her royal highness, Princess Victoria Bethany Evengelene Rene has returned!

(Kiara walks over to where the party guests are standing then falls over)

Kiara: Oh-uh.

Liam: Are you alright, your highness? Did you break anything?

Kiara: I’m good. Nobody saw that, right?

Liam: Are you kidding? It’s our secret.

King: Tori!

Kiara: Who?

King: Are you hurt?

Kiara: Uh, I’m fine. Really, I’m great.

(King gives Kiara a hug)

Kiara: Mr, er, Mr...

Tori: Father.

Kiara: Mr Father! Hehe.

King: Thank goodness! You had me worried!

(Goes off to talk to Liam. Liam looks unhappy.)

Merideth: Kiara?!

Kiara and Tori: Yes?

Merideth: I’m a huge fan!

Trevy: Me too!

Merideth: Not as big as Tori, mind you.

(Merideth holds out paper to Kiara)

Tori: Oh! What lovely.... Stationary?

Kiara: Autograph, Tori.

Tori: Of, of course! Autograph!

(Writes on paper)

Tori: Here you go.

(Hands to Merideth and Trevy)

(Kiara and Tori rush off)

(Merideth reads the paper and looks confused)

Merideth: Love Tori?


Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar
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