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Barbie Roberts
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BLID Barbie
"Let's face it — Barbie is the doll who has it all. She’s a fashion icon who has a fab home, the best friends and the perfect guy who's nuts about her. She's great at everything, while remaining humble and kind, and is always there to cheer on her friends no matter the challenges. That's why everyone loves her."
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Voiced by Kate Higgins
Debut "Closet Princess"
Residence The Barbie Dreamhouse
Father George
Mother Margaret
Sister Skipper
Sister Stacie
Sister Chelsea
4,368 dates with Ken
135 careers (so far!)
5,748 square feet of closet space
10,529,642 fan letters received
"Ken, hanging with my awesome friends and fab sisters, cutting-edge fashions, acting/modeling, fan mail, dance parties, my pets, pink pink pink!"
"Negative attitudes, upsetting a friend, bad hair days, fashion emergencies/disasters, losing my cell!"
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Barbie's Character Profile
You can take the girl out of Malibu, but you can’t take Malibu out of the girl.


Barbara Millicent "Barbie" Roberts, is the main character in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. She is voiced by Kate Higgins.

Barbie is a doll who lives in Malibu in the Barbie Dreamhouse with her younger sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea. They own Taffy, Blissa and Tawny.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Bonus Videos


Season One

Barbie first appeared in episode 1 of season 1, "Closet Princess". Barbie was going to go on a date with Ken for the 43rd anniversary of the first time they held hands. Barbie wanted to wear a hair barrette so she went into her closet with Teresa and Nikki while Ken waited outside. Barbie and her friends had fun but, because the closet is so big, they couldn't find their way out. Barbie found her barrette in her pocket so Teresa and Nikki were annoyed that she'd wasted their time searching for it. They ran and pulled a lever and they were transported to the front of the Dreamhouse. Barbie appeared at the front door and left for her date with Ken.

In "Happy Birthday Chelsea", Barbie, Skipper and Stacie wanted to make sure Chelsea had a great birthday. Stacie told Barbie to distract Chelsea. When they were going to unwrap presents, Stacie told Barbie to log in each gift, who it was from and Chelsea's emotional response. Barbie wondered where Ken was with his gift for Chelsea, a bike, but it had turned into a tennis playing robot. He fixed it into a bike but Chelsea said that all she actually wanted was a tennis playing robot.

In "Pet Peeve", Barbie went to a fashion show so she asked Ken and Ryan to pet sit Tawny, Taffy and Blissa. The pets destroyed parts of the house because they hate pet sitting, and they only behaved when Barbie came home.

In "Rhapsody in Buttercream", Barbie made a bet with Teresa that Barbie could bake cupcakes to prove that she isn't a klutz in the kitchen. If Barbie lost the bet she would have to give Teresa a pedicure, which Barbie hates. Ken, Chelsea and Stacie helped Barbie bake cupcakes. They used a cupcake making machine, but it made too many cupcakes so they all had to hide them around the kitchen. When Teresa arrived, all the cupcakes fell out of their hiding places so Barbie had to pamper Teresa again.

In "Ken-tastic, Hair-tastic", Ken arrived for a date with Barbie, but he accidentally gave his hair too much volume. Barbie, Chelsea and Raquelle gave him different hairstyles until he had the perfect hair for his date with Barbie.

In "Party Foul", Barbie and Nikki were invited to a party by Raquelle. However, they weren't dressed appropriately. Raquelle had told them the wrong dress code to embarrass them. After they changed to try and match the other guests and failed twice, they made themselves stand out and got more attention than Raquelle.

In "Day at the Beach", Barbie and her sisters, as well as Taffy, Ken and Raquelle, went to the beach. Raquelle wanted to prove she was better than Barbie, so she made a score card. First they had a sandcastle building contest, but Barbie won. Next, Barbie and Raquelle had a surfing competition, and they both won. Raquelle won the picnic contest to see who had better food, but before anyone could see that she'd won, everyone else had gone home.

In "Sticker It Up", Barbie and her sisters redecorated the Dreamhouse with stickers. They bought too many and made their house messy so Ken cleaned it up for them. Ken and Barbie went out so Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea started decorating again.

In "Oh How Campy", Barbie went camping with Ken, Ryan and Raquelle. Raquelle kept on getting scared by small things like rocks and butterflies. They ended up ignoring Raquelle when there was something big to be scared of (a bear).

In "Bad Hair Day", Barbie woke up with bad hair. She was going to fix it but then she remembered that Raquelle felt sad that nothing bad ever happened to Barbie. Barbie made herself look completely bad but everyone liked it because it was Barbie wearing it. She ended up starting a new trend, so Raquelle tried to start one too. No one liked it but Barbie complimented Raquelle so everyone else liked it.

In "Licensed to Drive", Barbie got her driving license. She had to build the car and then Ken was going to teach her how to drive. Before he could teach Barbie, Teresa and Nikki got in the car so Barbie would drive them to the beach. Barbie learnt how to drive by herself, but she drove too fast and terrified Teresa and Nikki. The car broke when they got to the beach, so Ken tried to fix it but it broke again.

In "I Want My BTV", Tawny also starred in it. Raquelle wanted more attention, and Ken was sure Ryan only wanted Barbie in the video to flirt with her. Everyone started arguing so Barbie started directing and the music video came out great.

In "Gifts, Goofs, Galore" it was Barbie's birthday. Ken wanted to give her a charm bracelet but Teresa and Nikki thought it wasn't good enough. No one actually knew how old Barbie was, and no one knew what to buy for her because she has everything already. It turned out that the only thing she didn't have already was the charm bracelet so Ken gave it to her.

In "The Barbie Boutique", Barbie made her own fashion boutique in the mall. Everyone loved it so Raquelle made one too. Ryan filled it with Ryan-abilia (Ryan merchandise), so no one shopped there.

Physical Appearance

Barbie is a plastic doll with light skin, long, shiny blonde hair and blue eyes. However, in the episode Bizzaro Barbie, her hair being brunette in her 2nd dimension counterpart.

Casual 1

Barbie wears pink tanktop, lavender skirt, pink shoes, gold necklace and bracelet. In Trapped in the Dreamhouse she has a ponytail with bangs in front.


She wears a magenta shoulder gown, gold and pink earings, a gold bracelet and pink shoes.


Barbie wears one swimsuit, 2 beads with pink stripes and green leaves and roses.

Mermaid costume

She wears a light pink bikini matching her mermaid tail.

Casual 2

Barbie wears white and pink top, gray jacket, blue jeans, gray and pink necklace and white shoes.

"Trashin' Fashion"

Barbie made herself look bad so Raquelle would realise Barbie doesn't look good all the time. Barbie woke up with messy hair, so she gave herself a new look in "Bad Hair Day". It was all messy and dirty. Her hair was up in a messy ponytail, with a pink hairband, but neat bangs. The top was checked brown and white with ripped sleeves. There was also thick silver tape stuck to the outfit, as well as green stains on different parts. The bottom part of the outfit was a short white skirt with a ripped hem. There was a pine cone attached to a silver hoop as a necklace. The shoes were knee-high boots, but one was yellow and one was blue. The outfit became trendy outfit just because Barbie was wearing it, and Nikki called the look "Trashin' Fashion".

Casual 3

Barbie wears silver tanktop, pink jacket, light pink pants matching her shoes.

Swimsuits 2

Barbie wears 1959 swimsuit doll and black high heels, white and black sunglasses and her hair is in a ponytail.

Formal 2

She wears a 1976 pink superstar outfit.


She wears a white,blue and black shirt, a black belt,white pants matching boots and hat with black strap.

Vet Uniform

She wears a white T-Shirt, pants and slippers. There was a dark pink sticker on her shirt.

Formal 3

She wears a long coral dress and it's v-neck and pink bag.

Casual 4

She wears a light pink dress with silver heart, pink belt matching shoes.


Barbie wears white and pink top, light pink pants and her hair is in a ponytail. Her second pajamas it's white and magenta tanktop and has a big magenta  and black polkadot,matching pants and her hair is in a ponytail.

Swinwear 3

Barbie wears a pink swimsuit heart flower patterns on it. The band on both shoulders and belt are white. And white and pink slippers. And earrings.

Casual 5

She wears a dark pink top. And white skirt with a flower pattern which is yellow and pink. And light pink slippers.


The raincoat is pink even the boots, jacket, belt and sleeves.

Casual 6

Barbie wears a pink tanktop and pink and white skirt, and a necklace with pink gems and pink high-heels. Her hair is a ponytail with bangs in front.

Doctor Uniform

She wears a white coat with gray shirt inside. And she wored magenta pants and white slippers.

Formal 4

She wears a long light pink dress with white flowers detailing.

Casual 7

Barbie wore a white and pink shirt with black stripes, black jacket with white collar, brown pants, and brown shoes. She also wears pink necklace and her hair is down with one braid on the left part.

Superhero Costume

She wears a long sleeves shirt with pink collar and Barbie ponytail logo badge, a pink belt with same logo badge, pink trousers, black boots, and gold pearl bracelet.


Barbie has three younger sisters, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea. They all live together. Barbie's boyfriend is Ken, and in "Closet Princess" they celebrated their anniversary of the first time they held hands. They have been on 4,368 dates with each other. Barbie's pets in the show are Taffy, a dog, Blissa, a cat, and Tawny, a horse. Barbie's best friends are Teresa, Nikki, Midge, and Summer. Ryan has a crush on Barbie, but she doesn't realise. Ryan's twin sister Raquelle always tries to make Barbie look bad, but never succeeds. Regardless, Barbie is still nice to Raquelle. Raquelle is Barbie's ex-best friend.


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From the show

  • "Amaze!"
  • "You know, I’ve had so many careers, it’s hard to keep track of all 135 of them... and counting."

From B Friends

  • "Gotta heart my sensitive guy!"
  • "Have a fab-tastic day filled with pink sparkles!"
  • "Be yourself, sis. Sparkle in any color you want! Sometimes I choose fuchsia!"
  • "Ken sends me a text every 15 minutes just to see if there is anything he can do for me."
  • "Poor girl. Get to the Dreamhouse right away for some fashion healing. I've already sectioned off any offending patterns that might give you flashbacks."


  • Barbie is the exact same clothes size as Teresa, Nikki, Midge, and Summer.
  • Barbie's home address is 1959 Malibu Way. 1959 is the year the Barbie fashion doll was first introduced.
  • She is the only character that has appeared in all of the episodes.
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