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Barbie in Thumbelina
Occupation Teacher
Voiced by Kelly Sheridan
Barbie Presents Thumbelina

Barbie is a character in Barbie Presents Thumbelina. She is voiced by Kelly Sheridan.

Barbie is a teacher who encourages her young students to keep the environment clean, and she tells them the story of Thumbelina to make them realize that no matter how small someone is, they can achieve big things.


Barbie and her class of eight young children went to a reserve park to plant trees. Barbie wanted the children to plant trees so they could help to keep the environment clean, which would make people happy in the future. One of her students, Emma, wanted to plant a very small tree. Two of Emma’s classmates criticized the tree, which hurt Emma’s feelings, but Barbie told Emma that the tree she had chosen was beautiful.

The reason the children had not thought the tree was worth planting was because it was small, but Barbie told them that even the smallest tree could make a big difference. Barbie told her students to sit down so she could tell them about a tiny–but brave–girl named Thumbelina who achieved great things regardless of her size.

Barbie’s story ended with one of the characters, Makena, creating a nature reserve park to protect Thumbelina and her small species, the Twillerbees. The children wondered if the reserve park they were in was Makena’s, and Barbie allowed them to look around for the Twillerbees. Emma asked Barbie if Thumbelina really existed, but Barbie left it up to Emma to decide. When Emma had gone, Barbie waved to Thumbelina and her friends in a tree, and they used their magic to make Emma’s tree grow huge.

Appearance and Personality

Barbie has long blonde hair in a ponytail, light tan skin, and blue eyes. She has the same hairstyle as Stacie in Barbie & The Diamond Castle. Barbie wore a purple top with a butterfly pattern on it, a dark blue skirt, and a pair of black boots. She is a kind and patient teacher, who is more than happy to stop lessons for stories. She is supportive of her students and tries to give them confidence, such as when she told Emma her tree was beautiful even though it was small.


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  • "I can’t think of a better way to help the environment."
  • "All right everyone, pick a tree, and let’s get started."
  • "I think Emma's tree is beautiful."
  • "Even the smallest tree can make a big difference."
  • "Have a seat everybody. I want to tell you a story–a story that starts in a place just like this: In a beautiful field, filled with plants and flowers."
  • "So, you see, Thumbelina and the twillerbees were small–even Makena was small compared to the grown ups all around her–but together, they made a huge difference.
  • "...And just like all of you, the trees you plant today will grow up to help clean the environment, and bring joy to people for years to come."


Barbie Presents Thumbelina
Barbie Presents Thumbelina Classic Cover

Quote: "Even the smallest person can make a big difference."

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