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Kelly Roberts
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Chelsea Kelly Roberts(named Shelly in Europe) was a character in the Barbie doll line from 1994 to late 2010, until she was replaced by Chelsea in 2011. She was Barbie's youngest sister and she was about 5 years old. Her voice was provided by actresses like: Chantal Strand, Britt McKillip, Jessica Amlee and Amelia Henderson.


Kelly made her first appearance in 1994 as Baby Sister Kelly. Kelly dolls were usually sold by themselves with a set of accessories; for example, Bathtime Kelly was sold with a Kelly-sized bathtub, tub toys and a diaper. Kelly was also sold in sets with Barbie, like the "Shopping Fun Barbie & Kelly" set. The friends of Kelly were sold in single boxes. Kelly dolls were also sold in sets of five as well as single packages. Kelly's friends were made using the same body mold as her, including Tommy, her male counterpart, who male toddlers are based on in the Barbie films.

Kelly had a friendship club on the Barbie website, the Kelly Club, but it has been discontinued. The final dolls showed Kelly with a freckle over her upper lip in 2010 and she had the same body mold as Chelsea.

In the first years Kelly appeared to be younger. In the doll line called "Tiny Steps" we can see that she just learned to walk without help, so based on her appearance and life experience she was 2-3 years old and the "baby of the family" until the Krissy doll was made. Krissy was a baby that was available only from 1999 to 2001. Krissy made one last debut in 2003 as part of "Barbie and Krissy Princess Palace Playset". After Krissy was retired Kelly went back to being the youngest in the family. The Kelly dolls were also sold in different ethnicities and races. Kelly and Krissy are now featured in the "Barbie: I Can Be" toy line.

Appearance and Personality

Kelly was around 1-5 years old and she had light skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Her hair was mostly seen tied up in animated appearances. While Kelly was being marketed under the name "Sweetsville", she has an oval shaped head instead of her usual round one, larger eyes, and longer arms and legs. Her design was soon changed back to her normal one.

Kelly was unconfident with things she had to do, and Barbie always comforted her. She admires her elder sister and wants to be like her.

In some of her Barbie movie appearances, she appeared as a triplet. Her other triplets had red hair and brown hair. Some toddler characters that look like her are also seen as background characters in some movies.

Roles in Barbie Animations

Barbie Movie Dolls

Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future's dolls from Barbie: A Christmas Carol were Kelly sized.

Family and Friends


  • George Roberts (father)
  • Margaret Rawlins Roberts (mother)


  • Barbie Roberts (eldest sister)
  • Skipper Roberts (older sister)
  • Stacie Roberts (big sister)
  • Krissy Roberts (little sister)

Aunts and Uncle

  • Lillian Fairchild (aunt)
  • Claude Fairchild (uncle)
  • Millicent Rawlins (aunt)
  • Marlene Roberts (aunt)


  • Francie Fairchild
  • Jazzie
  • P.J.
  • Kennedy Roberts
  • Max and Marie Roberts


  • Tommy Carson
  • Becky (1996)
  • Chelsie (1996)
  • Melody (1996)
  • Jenny Wang (1997)
  • Deidre O'Neil (1997)
  • Marisa (1997)
  • Neve (1999)
  • Maria (1999)
  • Tamika (1999)
  • Nia (1999)
  • Kayla (1999)
  • Lorena Hadley (2000)
  • Liana (2000)
  • Desiree (2000)
  • Belinda (2000)
  • Nikki (2001)
  • Kerstie (2003)
  • Gia (2006)
  • Tori (2007)
  • Kayla (2007)
  • Kenzie (2007)
  • Miranda (2007)

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