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"The best boyfriend in the world, he wants to be the best guy to the perfect gal, but hasn't quite got the perfection thing down the way Barbie does. He loves creating new crazy gadgets to make her life easier, but sometime they do the opposite. Though his over-eagerness to please leads to some mishaps, his heart is always beating Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba Barbie."
Species Human
Hair Dirty Blond
Eyes Blue
Voiced by Sean Hankinson
Debut "Closet Princess"
Residence The House of Ken
4,368 dates with Barbie
116,898 texts to Barbie
36 slick surfer moves
52 mirrors owned
"Barbie, spending time with Barbie, thinking about spending time with Barbie"
"Other guys spending time with Barbie, product that musses my excellently styled hair, beach sand in my joints (yowch!)"
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Ken's Character Profile
Do I mind that Barbie showed me up putting that car together? Nope.


Kenneth "Ken" Carson Jr. is a character in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. He is voiced by Sean Hankinson. Ken is Barbie's boyfriend.


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Physical Appearance

Ken is a plastic doll that has light skin, short blond hair, blue eyes, and plastic abs. One of Ken's casual outfits consists of a blue and white striped polo t-shirt, tan combat shorts, and slip-on blue and white shoes. Ken's second casual outfit is a dark blue hooded jacket over a striped blue and white top, and his pants are tan. He wears this with blue and white sneakers. Ken wears a black tuxedo on special occasions, and, to the beach, he wears blue and white shorts.


Ken always tries to impress Barbie by being "manly" but almost always encounters trouble doing so. He is scared easily and is quick to panic.




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