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Gender Female
Race Moon Fairy
Species Fairy
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Occupation Student
Voiced by Saffron Henderson
Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow

Lumina is a moon fairy in Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow. She attends a fairy school at the Crystal Palace to learn how to summon the first rainbow of Spring. Lumina is voiced by Saffron Henderson. She is the student of the Indigo Fairy Guardian.


Lumina is first seen when Bibble flies into her room. She is there trying to tell Shimmer , the pigtail pixie, about her fortune. Shimmer then turns round and looks at Elina, who says 'Hi!' and then says 'I'm Elina and this is Bibble!'. Shimmer then folds her arms and says nothing, turning back around. She tells Elina that she's not interested in uninvited guests. Lumina then suddenly jumps and tells Shimmer she sees something, and it's something to do with Elina... She turns towards Elina and says 'You!'. Elina looks startled and Lumina walks towards her telling Elina she's made a horrible mistake and that she see's terror, tragedy and doom coming for her. But she suddenly snaps out of it and says 'Hi! I'm Lumina, nice to meet you!'. Elina, slightly confused, says hi back and then asks Lumina if she should have any idea what Lumina is talking about. Lumina casually says 'Um, probably not. I'm a moon fairy, we can read the future'. Elina then says, 'So the doom and terror?' followed by Lumina saying 'Oh, it'll happen. Can't say when, sorry about that'. Shimmer then barges infront of Lumina and tells Elina she should be the one thats sorry, and she came to have her future read and not have to listen to hers, and tells her to get out of the dorm. Without listening to anything she has to say, Shimmer shuts the door on her. 


Lumina is a moon fairy, so she can see into the future. She is also good at luminescence, hence her name. And also seems to be quite good at Flance, the combination of flight and dance. 
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Shimmer and Lumina in the dorm.

Physical Appearance

Lumina has blue hair. The upper part of her hair is tied in a small ponytail and the lower part is braided and pulled to the right side. She has blue eyes and white skin. Lumina's wings are shaped like crescent moons and has little stars on them. She wears two necklaces, the bigger one has a crescent moon shape and the smaller one has a star shape. She wears a blue off-shoulder dress with a pattern the same as her shoes and arm pieces. The dress has a sash around her waist with a star. The dress reaches to her knees and has a light blue layer on top. 





  • Lumina's name comes from the word "luminate" or "illuminate", which means "to provide or brighten with light".
  • In Barbie: The Pearl Princess there is a mermaid named Lumina, but it pronounces differently.
  • It shares its name with Lumina, a Light-talent fairy of Disney Fairies's franchise.
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