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Princess Melody
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Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown
Occupation Princess
Voiced by Britt McKillip
Father King Frederick
Sister Princess Katrina
Sister Princess Lorena
Brother Prince Tommy
Brother Prince Stefan
Sister-in-Law Princess Rapunzel
Barbie as Rapunzel
You may be looking for another character named Melody.

Princess Melody, also known as the Angel Princess in merchandise, is a minor character in Barbie as Rapunzel. She is the daughter of King Frederick, and the sister of Prince Stefan, Prince Tommy, Princess Lorena and Princess Katrina. Melody, Lorena and Katrina are triplets. Melody is voiced by Britt McKillip, and she is played by the Melody character in the Barbie doll line.


Melody and her sisters appeared in the castle garden. The girls found out their horse Botticelli was hungry again. Katrina notices a blooming tree in the garden, and runs to it, but falls in a hidden trap. Lorena rides for help, and Melody, along with Rapunzel, tries to save Katrina.

Melody and her siblings appeared on the masquerade ball in honor of their brother's birthday. Melody liked the ball. When Gothel appeared, Melody and her sisters tried to stop her, but she attacked them. Melody, as well as her siblings, attended Stefan and Rapunzel's wedding.


Melody has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She looks like her father, King Frederick; also, she looks like the young flower faerie from Barbie in the Nutcracker.

Melody's everyday outfit is a long white dress with pink roses on skirt, and a jewellery that looks like a nimbus. In her holiday outfit, angel wings are attached on her back. The dress she wears for Stefan and Rapunzel's wedding is almost the same as her holiday outfit.


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